Aldea to support global broadcasters of FIFA World Cup

Aldea to support global broadcasters of FIFA World Cup

Aldea has been named as the transmission partner for fourteen major broadcasters across the globe as it delivers coverage of this year’s FIFA World Cup, currently taking place in Russia.

The company has been broadcasting football (soccer) World Cup footage since 2006, and will provide the service for a number of global broadcasters in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Uruguay.

It is using high capacity fibre-based routes out of Russia in order to offer low latency, high reliability coverage of one of the world’s largest sporting events. Aldea is interconnected at the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) in Moscow during the event, which kicked off on June 14 and will run for just over a month.

Aldea said it has invested in relevant innovations to ensure its portfolio of services respond to consumers’ changing viewing habits. In addition to traditional High Definition (HD) services Aldea will provide Ultra-High Definition (UHD) to numerous broadcasters during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it will supplement these services with audio and data connectivity to provide its clients with full end-to-end integrated solutions.

“We continue to respond to customers’ evolving needs with the most technologically advanced solutions in the industry, and for this World Cup, 4K will be the big thing. This is one of the reasons numerous customers choose to work with us repeatedly over the years”, said Aldea CEO, Lionel Bentolila. He also added that “Aldea’s world-class engineering and support teams have the experience and expertise to fully manage the multi-faceted complexities involved with transmitting a large international sporting event”.  

The 2018 FIFA World Cup marks the second major international sporting event Aldea will deliver in 2018, this after the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics from South Korea.

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