Windstream Wholesale increases fibre presence at NJFX

Windstream Wholesale increases fibre presence at NJFX

Windstream Wholesale is expanding its fibre transport network at NJFX’s Tier 3 carrier-neutral colocation campus at the cable landing station in Wall, NJ.

By having a presence at NJFX’s facility which is located where subsea cables from the US, Europe and South America interconnect at the easternmost edge of the US, means that the company can securely connect with global network providers.

“What Windstream Wholesale offers at the NJFX colocation campus is a reliable, high-quality option for organisations coming in internationally, looking for connectivity options in the US,” said Joe Scattareggia, president of Windstream Wholesale. “This new project is an overbuild of a system with newer, updated technology. As a more cost-effective and efficient solution, our customers will now have even greater access to the cable landing station in Wall, NJ. We are building a diverse path—particularly the Ashburn route, which avoids the busy Philadelphia metro—along with an upgrade of existing services, with increased and accelerated installation time frames, resulting in significantly service delivery.”

In addition to its broad portfolio of fibre-optic transport solutions, Software Defined Network Orchestrated Wavelengths (SDNow) from Windstream Wholesale is the start of on-demand services, accelerated deployments and improved customer experience.

This coupled with services from NJFX’s Tier 3 facility while also providing a North American route that bypasses New York City traffic and efficiently connects to locations such as: Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus and Los Angeles. The collaboration between the two also allows for services to federal, financial and carrier community with direct access to subsea cables, within a neutral non-competitive and secure closed environment.

“Carriers and service providers are now realizing that they need to position themselves to meet the challenge of increased capabilities and capacities for themselves, as well as their end users. NJFX is helping to make this possible,” added Gil Santaliz, founder and CEO of NJFX.

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