EdgeConneX and Renovo partner on edge data infrastructure

EdgeConneX and Renovo partner on edge data infrastructure

EdgeConneX and Renovo, a mobility software company, are collaborating on core software and hardware infrastructure to enable automated vehicles-as-a-service at scale.

Under the scope of the partnership EdgeConneX’s edge data infrastructure will be combined with Renovo’s AWare’s vehicle-edge-cloud data orchestration and the Aware edge application environment.

“EdgeConneX’s capability to rapidly deploy edge of network solutions is a perfect complement to Renovo AWare’s leading data orchestration software which together supports the rapid commercial deployment of automated mobility services,” said Phill Lawson-Shanks, chief innovation officer at EdgeConneX. “Highly automated vehicle fleets will require significant data infrastructure and management at tremendous speed and scale, and we share with Renovo a vision that the need for low latency, security and performance of this aspect of automated mobility services will in large part be solved by going to the edge.”

The unprecedented data flow that will be produced by automated mobility systems will be directly addressed by the collaboration between the two companies. A single highly automated vehicle generates 1-5Tb of raw data per hour. Much of this data must be identified, processed, transmitted and stored at the vehicle, edge and cloud environments against different priorities of cost, timing and privacy. And the partnership between Renovo and EdgeConneX provides the physical and software infrastructure necessary to do so.

“Off-vehicle edge infrastructure and data management are critical to automated mobility services at scale,” added Chris Heiser, co-founder and CEO of Renovo. “EdgeConneX is a clear leader in highly connected edge infrastructure and the automation of data centres. We are delighted to be working with them to deliver solutions that ensure secure and reliable management and communication of data between automated vehicles, the edge of the network and the cloud to accelerate commercial deployment and operation at scale of automated mobility.”

Renovo’s AWare OS for automated mobility provides the data orchestration necessary to manage vehicle automation technologies, passenger services, vehicle navigation and sensors that capture real-time data. Combined with EdgeConneX’s global edge data centres (EDC) and Edge PoP solutions that enhance data delivery by locating access as close to the end user as possible, the two can refine the operating concept, complete with analysis and modelling of usage and scaling scenarios.

“The emergence of mobility services made possible by autonomous, connected and electrified  vehicles will generate vast amounts of data which present technical challenges but also massive value creation opportunities,” said Dr Evangelos Simoudis, co-founder and managing director of Synapse Partners, which is an investor in Renovo. “Renovo and EdgeConneX are at the forefront of their respective sectors and this collaboration is an example of early leadership and innovation to provide solutions which meet these challenges and capture value from the mobility Big Data opportunity.”

The results of the partnership will be presented later this year when Renovo’s fleet of highly automated vehicles will use EdgeConneX edge infrastructure running Aware to manage the vehicle-edge-cloud data demands.

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