ROOT Data Center reveals Montreal expansion

ROOT Data Center reveals Montreal expansion

ROOT Data Center has unveiled plans to boost its Montreal facility by adding two new data halls with an additional 6MW of power capacity.

The MTL-R2 facility is one of Canada’s largest wholesale and hyperscale data centres, with this expansion, which ROOT Data Center said is to meet growing demand from cloud providers and enterprises, set to be complete by the end of summer 2018.

The development of the first new data hall is already underway, with completion of the first half the project due later this month (June). MTL-R2 has access to over 50 carriers including dark fibre providers, local networks, and international players through ROOT’s Metro Connect service.

“ROOT’s ability to expand and rapidly deploy capacity for our customer allows them to grow their operations as quickly as they need to support the massive acceleration of cloud growth in Canada, and technology sector growth in Montréal,” says AJ Byers, president and CEO of ROOT Data Center. 

“As the demand for data center solutions in Montréal continues to rise, our ability to effectively expand infrastructure, power and space in short time frames not only benefits our customers, but the region’s tech ecosystem and the city’s economy.”

In part due to its cool client, ROOT said Montréal continues to be a data centre location of choice for hyperscalers, the high-technology industry, and enterprises in need of fast and reliable expansion and scalability.

The company operates two data centres in the Montreal area – MTL-R1 and MTL-R2, which sits approximately 30km away from the former. 

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