From Google to DT, telecom and tech brands win 12 of top 25 most valuable places

From Google to DT, telecom and tech brands win 12 of top 25 most valuable places

Telecoms and technology companies account for a major share of the most valuable brands in the world, according to a survey published today.

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This year’s version of the annual BrandZ survey of the most valuable global brands puts telecoms and tech companies in the top six positions and 12 of the top 25.

The top six are, in this order, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tencent and Facebook.

Five carriers appear in the top 25 – AT&T at number 10, Verizon at 12, China Mobile at 21, Comcast’s Xfinity cable business at 24 and Deutsche Telekom at 25. Another cable company, Spectrum, is at 27.

The annual BrandZ survey, of the 100 most valuable brands, is carried out by WPP, the advertising agency, and market researcher Kantar Millward Brown. The team also identified the top 10 telecoms brands. 

Google’s brand is worth $302 billion while AT&T’s brand is worth $106 billion, says the survey. The Verizon brand is worth almost $85 billion. 

Peter Walshe, BrandZ global strategy director, said: “Over-the-top services are a game-changer as TV networks and online video platforms compete for market share. For brands being squeezed in slow-growth categories such as telecoms, the only solution has been to tear down traditional category walls, as curators, creators and providers of content meet in what has become an epic entertainment battle for our eyes and ears.”

Few equipment and software providers are in the list. Samsung is at 33, Oracle is at 45, Huawei is at 48, and HP is at 89.

Apart from AT&T, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom, other non-cable-TV carriers in the top 100 are Vodafone at 37, Telefónica’s Movistar at 53, NTT at 55, Orange at 65 and BT at 94.

Who is not there in the top 100? There is no sign of Airtel, MTN, SoftBank, Sprint, Telenor, Telia, TIM, Veon, Vodacom or Zain.

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