Seattle’s Westin Building to expand its colocation facilities

Seattle’s Westin Building to expand its colocation facilities

The Westin Building Exchange (WBX) in Seattle has completed the first phase of a new expansion of its Seattle-based colocation facilities.

In response to the increased Pacific north-west demand of carriers, content and cloud providers requiring cost-effective, direct access to American, Asian and Canadian telecommunications markets, WBX is adding 1MW of critical power capacity to accommodate the growing needs of both new and existing colocation customers.

“The reason that organisations want to establish a presence within the Westin Building is due to the availability of multiple, cost-effective connectivity options. The 1MW expansion of critical power capacity at WBX demonstrates our commitment to providing infrastructure space that grows with our customers’ evolving business requirements while maximising their connectivity options,” said Kyle Peters, general manager of the Westin Building Exchange.

WBX provides neutral connectivity points to American, Asian, Canadian and European network service providers, carriers, and ISPs. It also provides access to numerous other networks via the Seattle Internet Exchange and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop.

The availability of 1MW of capacity in a concurrently maintainable 2N configuration was launched this month, and will continue to be introduced in phases.

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