RETN extends network to Toronto and Ashburn

RETN extends network to Toronto and Ashburn

RETN has announced two new points of presence in North America, in Toronto and Ashburn, Virginia.

The two new PoPs extend RETN’s global network reach, directly connecting the east coast of North America to the RETN European backbone via Paris and London.

“Every new location that we add on our network enables us to deliver greater value to our well-established customer base of multinational enterprises and service providers with business interests across global markets,” said Andy Bills, CRO at RETN.

“It’s essential for us to improve customer experience. Ultimately it is the demand from enterprises for complete end-to-end service that is driving our network’s geographic expansion.”

RETN already has PoPs in Los Angeles and New York. The two new PoPs “allow us to better fulfil customer requests for scalable and reliable low-latency connections to/from US and Canada”, said Bills.

“Now our customers can benefit from a seamless access to the US, with 24/7 technical support, and we will continue to develop and upgrade our network capacities to ensure they receive the service with the highest grade of technical quality, cost effectiveness and speed of delivery.”

RETN says it is one of the fastest growing independent European network services, with its own end-to-end network stretching between North America and Asia and running through western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and onwards to the Chinese border.

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