Telxius gives update on MAREA and BRUSA cables at ITW

Telxius gives update on MAREA and BRUSA cables at ITW

Telxius has said its BRUSA subsea cable system, connecting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Virginia Beach in the US, is on course to go live by mid-2018.

The 11,000 km submarine cable system is the highest capacity subsea cable to ever connect the Americas offering ultrafast transmission capacity reaching up to 138Tbps.

It will feature branching units in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Fortaleza (Brazil) and consists of an eight-fibre pair open system, with one omnibus fibre pair landing in  San Juan and three fibre pairs featuring R-OADM technology dropping optical bands in San Juan and Fortaleza.

The Virginia Beach landing station also features Telxius’s MAREA cable, which it has developed in partnership with Microsoft and Facebook.

Telxius has recently opened MAREA for business. The 6,600 km, eight fibre pair cable has a design capacity of 160 terabits per second and joins Sopelana (Spain) to Virginia (US).

Marea, Spanish for “tide”, runs along a route south of existing transatlantic cable systems. This physical diversity from the other cables ensures more resilient and reliable connections for customers in the United States, Europe and beyond.

“Marea, fully operated by Telxius, is interoperable with a variety of networking equipment by design,” Telxius said. “This new open design brings significant benefits for customers such as easier equipment upgrades, which leads to faster growth in bandwidth rates since the system can evolve at the pace of optical technology innovation.”

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