Monet subsea cable now live and fully operational

Monet subsea cable now live and fully operational

The Monet subsea cable connecting Boca Raton, Florida to both Fortaleza and Santos, Brazil, is now completed and fully operational.

The 10,556km cable system owned by Algar Telecom, Angola Cables, Antel and Alphabet, establishes an advanced digital gateway between the US and Brazil which will feature 6-fibre-pair cable and optical transmission technologies, with an initial design capacity of greater than or equal to 64Tbps.

 “The completion of the Monet submarine cable system is an extremely significant milestone for the market, by bringing a new generation of technology, in submarine cables, capable of facing the new challenge of digital evolution,” said Antonio Nunes, chairperson of the Monet Executive Committee. “The effort to bring this submarine cable to service with direct and low-latency connections will bring real benefits to the economies of the regions. The digital wave opens new horizons and business opportunities, many of them unknown at this time. The Monet will guarantee the contribution to the development and growth of wellbeing.”

The Monet Submarine Cable System was designed and built on the SubCom Open Cables concept and incorporates leading edge submarine technology, delivering exceptional bandwidth design capacity and vastly improved internet latency performance.

The introduction of commercial traffic and services via the undersea cable will improve current connectivity needs between Latin America and the US and offers a powerful platform and stable backbone to accommodate increased capacity demands in the future.

The cable was confirmed as ready for service in December 2017, with construction having only started a year before. Angola Cables selected Ciena’s GeoMesh and Blue Planet solutions for the route, which made its first landing in Florida in Novemebr 2016.

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