Global webscale player picks Zayo for long-haul dark fibre

Global webscale player picks Zayo for long-haul dark fibre

A global webscale customer has selected Zayo for dark fibre services on its 600-route mile Reno to Umatilla route, which is currently under development.

itw-capacity-website-340x405px.jpgThe deal further supports Zayo’s investment in this route as a follow-on to the initial anchor customer sale announced earlier this year. The high-fibre count network will provide additional diversity to the customer’s data centres in the Northwest. Increasingly, webscale companies are moving to triversity or quadversity to ensure fully resilient networks.

“In addition to this follow-on customer sale, this strategic route has generated a funnel of other sales opportunities,” said Jack Waters, CTO and president of fibre solutions at Zayo.

“As more companies add data centres in Oregon and Nevada, Zayo is well positioned to provide high-capacity fibre infrastructure.”

The new route will add more than 600-route miles connecting Umatilla, Oregon, with Reno, Nevada, a fast-growing data centre hub. The fully underground route creates a diverse route between Portland and other major cities on the west coast. The route will also be available for 100G wavelengths in addition to dark fibre once completed.

Zayo has recently completed its $127 million acquisition of Spread Networks whilst also announcing an extension of its fibre network in Texas and has spent $24.9 million buying Canadian fibre company Optic Zoo, which has 103 route miles in the Vancouver area.

Capacity recently interviewed Dan Caruso, chairman and CEO of Zayo Group, about bringing back energy and ambition into the company. He has been rebuilding Zayo, the company he started 11 years ago. He’s replaced top managers and launched SD-WAN >>> CLICK HERE TO READ THE INTERVIEW <<<

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