LeoSat, Phasor team up to unleash global enterprise connectivity

LeoSat, Phasor team up to unleash global enterprise connectivity

LeoSat Enterprises has signed a strategic agreement with Phasor to provide enterprise network markets with ultra-high throughput, low-latency network infrastructure.

The low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation operator and the developer of enterprise-grade electronically-steered antenna (ESA) systems have joined forces to provide high-speed, low-latency Ka connectivity-infrastructure to corporate, government and commercial markets.

The companies say that the collaborative alliance will “bring game-changing connectivity to mission-critical enterprise networks”. Phasor will develop a powerful Ka-band, Non-Geosynchronous (NGSO) –ready version of its breakthrough low-profile ESA, scalable to virtually any use-case requirement. 

“This landmark agreement between LeoSat and Phasor opens the door to a whole new level of high- powered communications networks capable of unleashing unprecedented connectivity for enterprise network markets around the world,” explained David Helfgott, Phasor CEO. 

“Phasor’s electronically-steered antenna technology is incredibly versatile and scalable – a perfect match for LeoSat’s constellation in meeting diverse demands for big data and high-speed connectivity.”

Phasor’s LEO-capable antenna technology will enable corporations, governments and other high-end users to access a network offering speeds about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fibre in combination with high-throughput, ultra-security and very low latency.

LeoSat, which is launching a laser-linked constellation of up to 108 low-earth-orbit (LEO) communications satellites, will provide gigabit-per-second connectivity speeds to solve essential communications challenges in mission-critical communications sectors such as multinational enterprise, financial, oil and gas, maritime, and government networks.

“LeoSat is focused on providing game-changing connectivity in the business, government and mobility markets, and Phasor will play a central role in enabling us to accomplish our goal,” added Mark Rigolle, LeoSat CEO. “This strategic agreement with Phasor represents an important step in the delivery of LeoSat’s unique business backbone in space, which gives our customers access to a resilient and future-proof network to deliver unprecedented connectivity and new services”.

Back in December, LeoSat Enterprises signed an MoU with Globeconmm to explore a potential service agreement to expand its existing network capabilities. A similar deal was also signed with DCS Telecom, a leading telecoms provider of satellite and networking solutions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Three months prior to that, the low orbit satellite communications provider struck a strategic agreement with Pakistan’s Supernet, whilst also naming Peter Schrickel as its new chief financial officer.

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