Nokia launches cloud-native enterprise session border controller

Nokia launches cloud-native enterprise session border controller

Nokia has launched a new cloud-native enterprise session border controller (eSBC) that provides secure, ultra-high-quality IP voice and video services to its enterprise customers.

Nokia eSBC software migrates cyber-attacks optimises the use of IP bandwidth for communications and blocks unauthorized access attempts. The number of cyber-attacks have been growing rapidly, recently distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks hit its peak this month with the two biggest recorded attacks to date. In addition, it also delivers a high-quality IP voice and video experience by using call admission control to prevent work overload and by simplifying communication paths on the network.

"Nokia eSBC gives enterprises the same ultra-high reliability, quality and security that our service provider customers currently enjoy for their communications networks. It delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that help enterprises protect their business efficiently and cost effectively. It also allows them to easily take advantage of new features as their needs change by simply enabling licenses or installing software updates," said Bhaskar Gorti, president of Nokia Software.

Nokia eSBC allows enterprises to secure and manage media as well as signalling streams that cross networks edges in a cost-efficient way. The cloud-native software solution runs on hypervisors, giving enterprise customers the latest features and capabilities while allowing them to only pay for what they need. Customers are also able to connect all types of private branch exchange, Voice over IP (VoIP), call centre and Unified Communications systems within its networks.

"Plans for private cloud SBCs have more than tripled in the last year,” added Irwin Lazar, vice president and service director at Nemertes Research. “Our 2018 Unified Communications and Collaboration Study shows that more than 35% of organisations are now deploying or planning to deploy SBCs as virtual software. IT leaders cite flexibility, scalability, and cost considerations as driving their decision to move to private cloud. Cloud-native solutions such as Nokia eSBC have the potential to address these enterprise requirements."

Using automation and analytics insights, Nokia eSBC makes it easier for enterprises to enhance the quality and performance of their communications network. Other features of eSBC include having communications in a single software product, Built-in WebRTC gateway which delivers communication services to any device via a web browser, while retaining protection for signalling and media interfaces.

The solution also uses Nuage Networks software-defined networking (SD-WAN) capabilities to optimise media routing between enterprise branches and implement additional security policies for voice and video traffic. Also, SIP trunking reduces the cost to connect calls to the public telephone network and simplifies the communications streams within the enterprise network.

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