Windstream expands SDNow to 50 Markets across the US

Windstream expands SDNow to 50 Markets across the US

Windstream, a provider of advanced network communications, has recently announced the expansion of its SDN Orchestrated Waves (SDNow) transport service.

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SDNow, the high-speed optical wave service that uses a programmable SDN environment,  is now available in 50 markets across the US, including major cloud connectivity and International interconnect locations.

Driven by the need to support the rising demand for connectivity solutions into the Americas, Windstream’s SDNow brings the benefits of SDN-provisioned services to even more transport customers in key East and West Coast International entry points to the US including: New York City, Boston, Ashburn, Miami, Jacksonville, Los Angeles and San Jose.

Using automated service orchestration and provisioning platforms, Windstream has created a dynamic service environment that will enable customers to order SDNow 10G point-to-point circuits for 1,500 long-haul route combinations, with delivery in 20 days. Further proving Windstream’s commitment to deliver programmable network solutions to its customers and driving operational improvements. The SDNow as a platform enables the integration of future innovative services, including on-demand and calendared bandwidth.

With its accelerated 20-day service delivery, SDNow allows Windstream customers to build their competitive edge, expand their markets or advance cloud migration and digital transformation efforts with increased speed and agility.

Windstream’s SDNow offering was recently featured in the October/November issue of Capacity magazine and was listed as one of our top six deployments in SDN business transformation solutions.

Additionally, back in October of this year Windstream launched new connectivity solutions that include the ability to deliver 10G international waves to six European markets. As a result Windstream can now offer end-to-end connectivity solutions for London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Marseille and Amsterdam required to support the global growth and expansion efforts of Windstream’s transport customers in the United States.

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