Globalsat wins FCC licence to provide services inside US

Globalsat wins FCC licence to provide services inside US

The US telecoms regulator has authorised Globalsat to provide telecoms services originating within the US.

The licence from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) means that Globalsat can market satellite communications services within the US.

Founder and CEO Alberto Palacios said: “Globalsat Group was from the beginning conceived as a multinational organisation. By its very nature, any business based on satellite service tends to be global or at least continental. However, it has been a significant operational advantage to have a local presence in the US, a territory where we can easily work together with our global business partners who also have offices here. And being here, it only makes sense to be able to sell here, and serve local partners with all the added value we have acquired working in other countries.”

The announcement does not say what sort of services Globalsat will sell to US customers. However, in June Australian-owned, UK-based nanosatellite company Sky and Space Global (SAS) said that Globalsat will be selling its services.

Globalsat Group works in the US through an operation in Davie, Florida. When Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean in 2017, the company was able to work with its local partner in Puerto Rico and contract private charter flights in order to transfer equipment and specialised personnel to the island, enabling early access to satellite-based communications for emergency responders and aid workers.

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