APAC data centre market leads the way, finds Cloudscene report

APAC data centre market leads the way, finds Cloudscene report

Figures from Cloudscene on data centre operators show that the Asia-Pacific region has seen the biggest growth in the third quarter.

The Asia and Oceania regions have grown the most in terms of percentage, while the North America and EMEA region still remains moderately stable in terms of connectivity and density scores. Though North America and EMEA still lead in connectivity for Q3, as of the total 17,000+ PoPs managed by the ranked data centre operators, 42.43% were in North America, 39.28% in EMEA, 8.76% in Oceania and 9.53% in Asia.

Cloudscene’s founder Bevan Slattery said: “It’s no secret that the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing data centre market in the world right now. Operators are in an aggressive race to meet market demand; global public cloud providers are all making their presence known in the region, and new opportunities supported by foreign and domestic investment are having a huge impact on the industry. I can’t see the Asia-Pacific market slowing down anytime soon.”

For three consecutive quarters Equinix has dominated the board as the lead across all three regions this remains the same with the company at the number one spot. Equinix has even increased its market share by 8.3% between Q1 to Q3 of 2017.

Most of the top of the board remains the same with Digital Realty still in second place across the North American market, Interxion is in the same 2nd place position across the EMEA region, with NextDC and SUNeVision, still retaining their second place spot across Oceania and Asia respectively. 

The new leaderboard also sees the emergence of two new entrants as Telstra and EdgeConneX joined the leaderboard rankings for the first time holding the spot of eight and ten in Asia and North America respectively. 

If we look at the overall movement across the bottom half of the board; in the North American region Level 3 drop one place to the 8th position overtaken by TierPoint, in the EMEA region Colt drops from ninth position to tenth overtaken by Orange Business Services, in Oceania iseek Communications moves up to sixth place, YourDC move up to seventh place and PIPE Networks moves down to eighth position, and lastly in Asia Netmagic is in sixth place down from fifth, ST Telemedia is down from eighth to ninth and Cyxetra is in at tenth down from ninth. 

Cloudscene says that the market density (number of facilities), connectivity (PoPs) and the leaderboard scores are gathered from Cloudscene’s independent global database, and relate specifically to the July - September 2017 period.

To compare these numbers with the full details of the Cloudscene Q2 results please click here.

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