Telehouse upgrades to new NYIIX Centillion 2 platform

Telehouse upgrades to new NYIIX Centillion 2 platform

Telehouse has announced that it is upgrading its Centillion platform at its New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX), in order to meet demands for 100G ports.

The current NYIIX Centillion platform is based on Brocade MLX-E routers that has a limited amount of 100G port capacity. Telehouse, an international provider of data centers, international internet exchanges and managed IT services, said it will upgrade the platform to Centillion 2.

The upgraded platform will consist of Brocade SLX routers for both core and edge routers, which significantly increases the number of available 100G ports as well as being 400G ready. The new platform to due to launch in January 2018.

Speaking on the news, Akio Sugeno, vice president of internet engineering, operations and business development at Telehouse America, said: “I am pleased to announce the new Centillion 2 platform. The current market demands have accelerated our need to upgrade the platform.  Strong demands for 100G ports are the result of our continuing ability to increase NYIIX members along with customer confidence in our service. Such an accomplishment proves that NYIIX is one of the most important IXPs in the United States.”

The upgrade plans come just as the peering traffic for NYIIX is steadily increasing. According to Telehouse, only last month, current traffic peaked at 495 Gbps and that figure it set to exceed 500 Gbps imminently.

Telehouse recently partnered with PacketFabric and has deployed its network-as-a-service platform in two of its New York data centres, extending their carrier and data centre environments.

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