Iridium to control satellite data and time usage via business software

Iridium to control satellite data and time usage via business software

Iridium has become the third satellite company to impose real-time controls on users via Openet’s business software.

The vendor says that its system will allow Iridium to drive revenue by imposing real-time controls on data consumption and time usage across its 66 low-Earth orbiting cross-linked satellites.

Hermon Pon, vice president of technology development and network engineering at Iridium, said: “The company’s agile approach to policy management … allows us to focus each specific use case for data usage when we need it, making the company a dependable technology partner as we continue to future proof.”

Iridium is part-way through replacing its satellite fleet, first put into service two decades ago, with a new set of satellites, called Iridium Next.

Openet CEO Niall Norton said: “This is our third policy deal with a satellite operator, and we have also deployed the solution with a number of fixed broadband providers. The demand for policy controls outside of traditional telecoms networks is growing, and we’re proud to play a key role in helping Iridium evolve within its market.”

The system allows Iridium to differentiate its users by class – such as prepaid versus postpaid – or types of data, including real time streaming versus non-real time. It can also help Iridium to intelligently control data consumption and time usage.

It can also be expanded to include other types of policy controls including time of day or geography, said Openet.

Openet did not name the other two satellite users of its business software.

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