Intelsat launches 37e satellite, expanding EpicNG network

Intelsat launches 37e satellite, expanding EpicNG network

Intelsat has announced the successful launch of its 37e satellite aboard the Ariane 5 launch vehicle from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana.

Lift off took place at 5:56 pm EDT and, with a confirmed signal acquisition, the 37e satellite separated from the rocket’s upper stage at 6:25 pm EDT.

Speaking on the successful launch Stephen Spengler, CEO of Intelsat, said: “Intelsat 37e is a powerful addition to our award-winning Intelsat EpicNG network. It brings new technology and resilience as we continue to deploy the first, all-digital, high-throughput satellite system.”

The Intelsat 37e is the first all-digital satellite to offer full, high-resolution interconnectivity between C, Ku and Ka spectrum bands for use in wireless backhaul, enterprise, government and mobility networks. The C-band offers a mix of high-power spot and wide beams, to deliver additional services and improved throughput. The Ku- and Ka-band steerable beams will increase network access and support high-demand areas for government and commercial mobile applications. Additionally, the Intelsat 37e satellite improves the resiliency of IntelsatOne Flex, its wholesale service, by bringing additional throughput to support enterprise, broadband, government and mobile applications in the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Spengler said: “Intelsat 37e features enhanced power sharing technology and steerable beams, which bring additional flexibility to meeting regional and application requirements over the life of the satellite. Intelsat 37e reflects our multi-band, open architecture philosophy. Our overarching goal is to offer satellite services that unlock high-demand applications such as mobility and wireless infrastructure, supporting the growth of our customers.”

The Intelsat 37e was manufactured by Boeing and, of the entire Intelsat EpicNG network fleet, has the highest throughput and features technology that enables power to be shared between shaped, fixed and steerable spot beams at Ku-band. Companies such as Speedcast, Omni-Access Algeria Telecom and TIM Brazil will be among the first customers to deploy services on Intelsat 37e.

Intelsat recently announced its partnership with Etisalat in which it will help the help to upgrade Etisalat’s network using its 33e high-throughput satellite.

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