CentralColo rebrands as Element Critical

CentralColo has announced a full rebranding of its company under the new name Element Critical.

The company has said that the rebranding was sparked by changes in both the company’s evolution and its future growth strategies. 

Element Critical operates data centres in Silicon Valley, California and North Virginia and through collaboration with its equity partners Safanad and Industry Capital, it will gain the capital resources needed for further expansion and growth.

With approximately $10 billion in acquisitions in the first half of 2017 alone, there are fewer choices available to customers in the data centre market, the company said. Speaking exclusively to Capacity, Ken Parent, CEO of Element Critical, commented that the company is offering its customers with “customised services” as they have the “knowledge base to provide solutions” that many of its competitors don’t, because as they put it “no two customers are identical".

“We live in a world where one size doesn’t fit all and the combination of data centre elements change more frequently than ever before. We’re designing solutions ranging from a customer moving a lab into a data centre for the first time to hyperscale artificial intelligence (AI) companies requiring liquid cooling for their 30-45kW racks. We’ve assembled an impressive roster of industry veterans who possess the vision necessary to execute upon a simple proposition – translate data centre requirements into custom solutions for less than the big box providers,” continued Parent. 

Part of this plan is to pursue an acquisition strategy to quickly diversify its portfolio and deliver essential technology facilities with customised engineering, rapid deployments, vigilant operations and contractual flexibility, the company said. When questioned on the increasingly popular network virtualisation and if Element Critical had any plans for implementation in this area the company said that it would look to do this but through the collaboration with key technology partners. 

Steps have already been made towards this goal and in the past year alone Element Critical has strengthened its sales, operations and finance operations. In addition it has appointed a number of key leadership positions on the executive team, including Jason Green as CTO and Bryan Chong as senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Earlier this year the company also announced the $96 million acquisition of a 200,000-square-foot data centre in Virginia. In the future it aims to acquire two to three properties each year in key primary and secondary markets domestically, with an eye toward international expansion.