Detroit fibre expansion speeds up internet for local businesses

Detroit fibre expansion speeds up internet for local businesses

123Net in Michigan has partnered with a local non-profit organisation to expand its fibre footprint along the QLine, formerly M-1 Rail, in Detroit.

The 3.3 mile stretch of 144 count fibre runs from Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit to the Fisher Building, alongside the full length of the newly opened QLine and marks one of many investments the company has made into Detroit’s infrastructure.

The new high-capacity fibre line will improve business connectivity and allow customers to transfer large files in seconds, using what the company has described as ‘nearly unlimited bandwidth’ that is easily scalable and benefits from ‘nearly constant uptime’.

With a base of over a thousand Metro Detroit customers and more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, 123Net also offers fixed wireless, voice and data centres in the area. It also operates 3,500 miles of fibre throughout Michigan and according to the company that number is growing by 150 to 200 miles a year.

Speaking on the news, Dan Irvin, CEO at 123Net said: "We are continuing to provide services that other organisations cannot offer. For over 20 years, our diverse team of engineers and problem solvers have and will continue to invest in Michigan's infrastructure. Our combination of local expertise and resources gives us a rare advantage where we can provide agile support and cost-effective solutions for businesses in Metro Detroit and throughout Michigan."

123Net hope that through the improved network infrastructure, businesses will be incentivised to stay in area with the long term goal of making Detroit into one of the most prominent tech cities in the Midwest of the US.

Commenting on the news, Chuck Irvin, director of network development at 123Net, added: "Connecting buildings directly to fiber will provide the fastest and most reliable internet connection on the market. We are excited about the opportunity to provide growing organizations in Detroit with this service. This project makes Detroit more inviting for global enterprises looking to invest in the city."

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