IDT VoiceHub launches to enhance the value of international voice traffic

IDT VoiceHub launches to enhance the value of international voice traffic

IDT Corporation has launched IDT VoiceHub, a powerful and flexible outsourcing service, to enhance the profitability and value of their international voice business.

IDT VoiceHub, which is for fixed and mobile operators and other telecommunications service providers, features voice outsourcing solutions to address the specific circumstances of an operator based on region, volumes and routes. These include: full outsourcing, handing all inbound and outbound calls with or without switch management, and hybrid arrangements whereby the partner retains certain routes or customers directly.

“IDT Telecom is the world’s leading independent carrier of voice traffic with over 28 billion international voice minutes terminated annually,” said Bill Pereira, CEO of IDT Telecom.

“We continue to invest in our wholesale voice offerings by optimising our systems, automating our operations and modernising our network. Now, with IDT VoiceHub, any telecom operator with inbound or outbound international voice traffic can leverage IDT Telecom’s resources and expertise to boost their operating and financial performance.”

All IDT VoiceHub solutions enable partners to leverage IDT Telecom’s global network of 600+ direct interconnects, 430+ calling line identification (CLI) certified routes and IDT Telecom’s substantial volume of proprietary BOSS Revolution retail minutes to enhance their voice business.

“Over-the-top (OTT) services are rapidly transforming the wholesale voice market. Telecom operators are finding that the fixed and semi-variable costs required to manage their international voice traffic - including both CAPEX and OPEX related to global interconnects, arbitrage, fraud prevention, QoS, and staffing - can easily outweigh the corresponding revenues,” Pereira added. 

“We welcome the opportunity to show voice operators around the world how a thoughtful, customised solution from IDT VoiceHub can add significant value to their voice business and free management to focus on their strategic priorities.”

In May at ITW, IDT Telecom re-launched its IDT Express online portal, allowing companies, however big or small, to run their own voice termination business the way they want to.

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