BCN Telecom in SD-WAN partnership with Windstream Wholesale

BCN Telecom in SD-WAN partnership with Windstream Wholesale

Windstream has announced that New Jersey-based BCN Telecom will soon be adding Windstream Wholesale's software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution to its nationwide portfolio.


As the first Windstream Wholesale reseller partner to announce execution of an SD-WAN agreement, BCN Telecom plans to extend the service to its entire network of agents, enabling them to provide their business customers with this industry-leading networking solution.

"The addition of SD-WAN is a natural evolution for the BCN portfolio and complementary to our internet access and data network services," said Julian Jacquez, BCN's chief operating officer. 

"BCN's longstanding relationship with Windstream Wholesale - in addition to the superior features of and operational support for their SD-WAN offering - led us to the decision to enter into this agreement. We have the utmost confidence in Windstream's ability to expertly support our team and our agent partners in delivering the many benefits SD-WAN technology will bring to our enterprise customers."  

Launched earlier this year, Windstream Wholesale's SD-WAN solution uses software-defined networking (SDN) to create a smart, responsive network, accommodating real-time shifts in bandwidth demand and intelligently routing traffic over public or private networks to reach multiple locations. Reseller partners manage their networks and remote devices from a single, cloud-based interface, rather than through traditional methods such as routers, firewalls and switches.

Driven by rapid cloud adoption, increased mobility and shifting business priorities, the strain placed on multi-site business networks is outpacing traditional technology solutions. By evolving beyond these legacy voice and data network topologies, BCN will be able to offer a tailored and secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy technology that fosters business transformation and success. 

Windstream Wholesale's SD-WAN - available to reseller partners throughout its nationwide footprint - relieves the demanding pressures on overburdened networks by providing increased agility, visibility and control, as well as improved performance and operational efficiencies. 

Melissa Cook, vice president of the reseller partner programme for Windstream Wholesale, added: “I am thrilled that BCN has embraced Windstream Wholesale's SD-WAN as a strategic addition to their business solutions portfolio. Throughout the course of our strong partnership with BCN - spanning more than 10 years - they have experienced solid, steady growth and as one of our top reseller partners, I'm confident that deploying SD-WAN will offer them an even stronger competitive edge, as well as the opportunity to deepen client engagement and broaden their market reach."

Earlier this month, Windstream completed its $227.5 million Broadview acquisition and unveiled plans to expand its metro fibre network in Indianapolis as part of a major development project.

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