Akamai Technologies launches cloud-based threat protector solution

Akamai Technologies launches cloud-based threat protector solution

Akamai Technologies has introduced their Enterprise Threat Protector.

The new offering provides customers with quick to deploy and easy to manage cloud based solutions against cyber threats such as: malware, ransomware, phishing and DNS-based data exfiltration.

Recursive DNS, is an often overlooked part of enterprise infrastructure and can be one of the gaps used by cyber criminals to hack your system. The majority of software and clients rely on DNS to communicate with one another, but DNS does not have built-in intelligence to determine if a domain being requested by a user is safe or malicious. 

Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector has been specifically designed to address this potential threat. Using data gathered through Akamai’s Cloud Security Intelligence, Enterprise Threat Protector layers intelligence onto a company’s recursive DNS requests, preventing users from accessing malicious domains and lowering risk for businesses of all sizes. By determining the “intent” of a DNS request from the enterprise is able to safeguard systems and predictively block access to any domains deemed malicious.

In addition, Enterprise Threat Protector can also disrupt communications between devices within an enterprise that have already been infected with malware and the bad actors’ command and control (C2) servers. 

C2 is a well-known Internet-based feature to control malware once it has infected systems. The solution can also identify DNS data exfiltration attacks where the DNS protocol is used as a way to send sensitive data outside of the enterprise. It can also be used to prevent access to web content that falls outside an enterprise’s acceptable use policy.

John Summers, vice president and general manager of enterprise products, Akamai explained: “Our customers’ security teams are facing adversaries that consistently shift attack tactics and vectors, specifically seek out gaps in defenses and can be incredibly persistent in attempts to find weaknesses in a company’s security posture. Enterprises need quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage cloud-based solutions that can address these unique issues as part of their overall security strategy. With Enterprise Threat Protector, we’re providing our customers with a powerful, intelligent solution that can help detect and stop targeted attacks in their tracks.”

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