NTT Com launches "world's largest" SD-WAN footprint covering 190 countries

NTT Com launches "world's largest" SD-WAN footprint covering 190 countries

NTT Communications has unveiled plans to launch what it claims is the world’s largest SD-WAN footprint, covering 190 countries across the globe.

NTT Com is one of the first providers to deploy a 100% software defined network (SDN), offering a platform that is based on architecture locally distributed around the world through more than 75 local cloud centres.

This portfolio is optimised for network, mobility, and security services, offering “unprecedented flexibility and speed”, according to NTT. It will support enterprises who are looking to launch new services, transform their networks or achieve digital transformations.

“Digital transformation is at the heart of every modern enterprise today, fundamentally changing companies’ business models,” said Shuichi Sasakura, SVP of network services at NTT Com. 

“The global NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio is an end-to-end solution that provides organisations with a highly flexible and agile network that is fully tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to better compete in today’s digital economy.”

Key highlights of NTT Com’s SD-WAN service portfolio include real-time network analytics, based on the firm’s application visibility reporting and analytics tool; enterprise connectivity flexibility, which sees enterprise customers able to connect to all types of network, be it local ISP, internet, broadband, wireless, or MPLS.

It also allows for flexibility over which SD-WAN technologies are used in the branch offices of enterprises, with more than 10 different vendor options supported.

NTT Com said its global SD-WAN overlay network has also been optimised to link up to more than 1,000 local network providers, bypassing internet peering and congestion points.

Security is also a key concern, NTT Com said, which is why it has included a fully integrated SD-WAN security solution offered through its Secure Web Gateways. This means customers can enable web URL filtering, firewall protection, and intrusion prevention services.

“NTT Com is raising the bar in the telecom industry by reaching a global, 100 percent software defined network milestone and in offering a ubiquitous overlay of SD-WAN network, application acceleration, and security services for enterprises around the globe,” said Michael Suby, Stratecast VP of research at Frost & Sullivan. 

“Among the most innovative and globally flexible solutions available in the market today, NTT’s SD-WAN Service Portfolio delivers the reach, performance, and adaptability organisations need to meet today’s business demands and transform their enterprise networks.”

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