Telia Carrier expands to Portland Oregon

Telia Carrier expands to Portland Oregon

Telia Carrier recently announced that it has launched two points of presence (PoPs) in the Portland Oregon area.

The enhanced presence will improve diversity and high speed connectivity to service, content and cloud providers in the Pacific Northwest. One of the new PoP locations include Hillsboro which is a key connection point for sea cable landings coming from the west as well as international traffic from Asia.

Telia Carrier, who own and operate one of the world’s most extensive fibre backbones, say that this expansion to the Portland area gives over-the-top (OTT) providers, hyperscale cloud networks and carriers the ability to directly connect to the market, lowering latency, rather than backhauling traffic to other regions.

The Portland metropolitan area, or ‘Silicon Forest’ as it is commonly referred to, has become a hub for carriers and content providers as well as regional education and city networks connecting to greater Portland and Eastern Oregon. 

“With continued investment in large-scale data centres and as new sea cable landings come online next year to support traffic demand from the Asia-Pacific region, Hillsboro is a prime location for us to introduce new PoPs,” says Art Kazmierczak, director of business and network development at Telia Carrier.

New to the market, Telia Carriers’ two PoPs in the area provide a unique offering to network routing. By making careful selection of the routing at river crossings ensures additional reliability, additionally the Hillboro location is designed with longhaul routes that establish diversity from downtown Portland, where many of the legacy carrier facilities are located.

Ultimately Kazmierczak sees this expansion as Telia Carrier attempt to improve their services and enhance customer experience commenting; “By expanding to Portland, we continue to deliver best-in-class IP transit performance for education and broadband customers with minimal network hops, high resilience and inherent route diversity. These capabilities ensure our customers get the best possible connectivity and ultimately, they enhance the online experience for end users.”

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