Console Connect grows XaaS ecosystem by 130%

Console Connect grows XaaS ecosystem by 130%

Interconnection provider Console Connect has announced significant growth of its X-as-a-Service (XaaS) ecosystem in Q1 2017.

Console Connect says the surge proves how XaaS providers are looking to bypass the public internet and they’ve recognised the interconnection need of the market by offering a “two-in-one benefit of direct connection”, which is an internet bypass for XaaS users.

Jef Graham, CEO of Console Connect says the company is well-placed to build on its ecosystem expansion: “As XaaS partners have discovered the two-in-one benefit of the Console platform, we’ve been able to grow our ecosystem by 130% percent in the last quarter alone.

“Our unique proposition of instant direct connection provisioning over layer 3, combined with the access to an ecosystem of potential new customers, means that Console Connect is well-placed to continue this stellar growth as XaaS providers look to differentiate their offerings and grow their user base.”

Cortney Thompson, CIO and co-founder of Green House Data, added: “The public internet is one of the biggest challenges for IaaS companies like ours. The Console Connect ecosystem lets our customers directly connect not only to their Green House Data cloud, but also to other XaaS providers on the Console platform. That allows us to provide a critical value-add to the enterprise, as the public internet’s reliability continues to fall in the face of increasingly complex and data-heavy application demands.”

The news comes after Console Connect announced its integration with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute in seven new locations.

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