Talia Afghanistan Corporation announces its presence in Afghanistan

Talia Afghanistan Corporation (TAC) announces its registration and licensing with the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI).

The initial ICT licence with the MoCI, which was awarded on February 25 2017, in Kabul covers IT systems and software projects. Additional licences with the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) cover national ISP service and service provider of equipment.

The Kabul office is located in the Sixth Municipal District. TAC is the latest addition to the affiliate family of Talia Holding Ltd based in London. Other affiliates are located in Iraq, Dubai, S. Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Germany, Italy and the US providing ICT solutions with integrated systems and services. TAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Talia International LLC, the US affiliate and will focus on enterprise, government, NGO, donor and carrier markets.

Mr. Abbas Ibrahimi (left) has been introduced as the TAC country director at Capacity Middle East 2017 by the TAC president, Joel Allen.

If you'd like to contact and meet up with them, their email addresses are: abbas.ibrahimi@talia.net / joel.allen@talia.net