Seaborn Networks rumoured to be focusing on South Africa

Seaborn Networks is rumored to be focusing on near-term plans to build to Cape Town, South Africa.

Capacity has learnt that as Seaborn Networks’ Seabras-1 cable between New York (USA) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) is now being installed with an RFS date of June 2017, Seaborn is rumoured to now be focusing on a novel branch or new system that would provide a new direct connection between Cape Town, South Africa and New York.

Not much is yet known about this effort as it appears to be in stealth mode. The focus appears to be driven largely by the need for a diverse subsea route between the US, on the one hand, and the East African coast and West Indian coast, on the other hand, to address the submarine cable chokepoint in Egypt.

Others have tried with no success so far to build this route, but given Seaborn’s success in the South Atlantic this company may just crack it.