Huawei Marine strikes deal to upgrade Greenland Connect cable

Huawei Marine strikes deal to upgrade Greenland Connect cable

Huawei Marine has struck a partnership with Tele Greenland to deploy a 100G cable system along the west coast of Greenland.

The cable will join with the Greenland Connect cable, which runs from Greenland to both Canada and iceland via two branches. Huawei will also upgrade capacity on that cable to make it a 100G system.

The extension of the Greenland Connect cable will run from Nuuk to Aasiaat, passing Maniitsoq and Sisimiut. At Nuuk, the existing cable splits, with one branch running to Canada and the other passing Qaqortoq on its way to Iceland.

Mao Shengjiang, chief operating officer of Huawei Marine said: “It is a great honour to cooperate with Tele Greenland and to further gain recognition of Huawei Marine’s technology and delivery capability. 

“It is not the first time for Huawei Marine to deploy a 100G network in the Arctic region, therefore I believe that our experienced team will meet the challenges and successfully deliver our products services to help our customers and expand their networks to these remote regions.”

The upgrade to the cable system will make it in to the world’s most northern 100G subsea network, Huawei Marine said, with design capacity increased from 1.92T to 12.8T across the main cable. The new section, called Greenland Connect North, will have a design capacity of 4.8T.

The system will involve new generation OTN-based unified terrestrial and subsea transmission equipment, and will be managed by Tele Greenland.

Chief wholesale officer Flemming Drechsel from Tele Greenland said: “The Greenland Connect system is Greenland’s vital communication line, and there is little margin for error in the implementation and operation of the new system. 

“Over the course of the negotiation process with several well-esteemed system providers, the Huawei Marine team has won Tele Greenland’s full confidence, that Huawei Marine will provide the highly reliable 100G DWDM equipment needed to enable us to deliver and fulfil our commitments to our customers.”

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