Epsilon launches SIP trunk federation

Epsilon launches SIP trunk federation

Epsilon has taken the initiative in the SIP trunk market to launch a new trade association.

Epsilon has launched the SIP Trunk Federation. This is a group of like-minded service provider partners gathered together to collaborate in offering end-to-end SIP Trunking capabilities around the globe. Each partner is considered a member of the federation, gaining access to other members’ SIP services in different markets around the world and can rapidly serve enterprise demand for global SIP Trunking services.

Epsilon maintains that more and more enterprises are embracing and deploying SIP. This growing demand is driving growth for local and regional SIP service providers. While they have become extremely active in providing SIP Trunk services, they are unable to fulfil requests for services outside of their home markets and network boundaries. These are lost commercial opportunities.

SIP providers that join the new federation see a variety of benefits that grow alongside growth in the SIP trunking market. SIP providers will be able to capture new sustainable revenue streams from global SIP with the support of like-minded members around the world. As SIP becomes the de-facto way of interconnecting voice, video and messaging, the theory is that members are better positioned to facilitate SIP service on a global basis.

To date, service providers have acted in isolation, creating SIP islands around the world. This has served them well with local and regional deployments but as large international enterprises roll out SIP these SIP islands need to be connected.

As with most growing services, SIP adoption is gradual with enterprises typically rolling out SIP in one or two sites to start. As the value of SIP is proven, enterprise demand for SIP roll outs across multiple sites is increasing, driving the importance of extending network trunking capabilities globally.

Joining the federation has no membership fees or annual subscriptions. Members only stand to receive new traffic and revenue from other members, while at the same time gaining new international capabilities. For global SIP Trunking to mature, service providers have to look at the most efficient and practical way to monetise SIP and that is exactly what the SIP Federation does.

Service providers looking to expand their global SIP trunk reach can get in touch at qestions: info@epsilontel.com

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