Comtech deploys Jagged BSA tool for tier 1 vendor

Comtech deploys Jagged BSA tool for tier 1 vendor

Comtech Telecommunications has completed a deployment of Jagged Networks’ base station calibration tool for a North American wireless operator.

The JaggedXY solution allows wireless operators to calibrated and optimise LTE and HSPA base stations to improve the accuracy of location based services.

Comtech, which designs, develops and produces communications products and services, deployed the solution for an unnamed Tier 1 wireless operator.

It will help boost location services for emergency services networks such as 911, or Wireless Emergency Allerting, as well as value-added services such as people locators or asset tracking, Cometech said.

“Xypoint is considered the most accurate location server in the industry, which is further enhanced with the JaggedXY BSA calibration solution,” said Jay Whitehurst, president of Comtech’s Enterprise Technologies group.

“We look forward to further deployments of this solution as it solidifies our value proposition with esteemed customers.”

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