Global Capacity expands network with high-speed Ethernet

Global Capacity expands network with high-speed Ethernet

Global Capacity has expanded its network backbone with high-speed Ethernet, connecting existing metro infrastructures with architecture able to run at 100Gbps.

The Ethernet backbone expansion will enable Global Capacity to meet the growing bandwidth needs of the most demanding cloud, over-the-top applications and data services, including Ethernet private line.

“We see growing demand for Ethernet bandwidth, driven by cloud and data centre connectivity, and the higher traffic needs at enterprise locations,” said Patrick Hannon, chief revenue officer of Global Capacity.

“Installation of our high-speed Ethernet backbone along major US routes allows Global Capacity to remove the geographical barriers that commonly inhibit bandwidth-intensive business applications, providing our customers with the most flexible network service options that enable seamless connectivity between locations.”

The expanded backbone architecture will use Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave platform to connect 11 points of presence (PoPs) in San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Ashburn and New York City. Global Capacity runs the network under the One Marketplace brand.

The multi-terabit programmable Ethernet-over-DWDM packet switch aggregates and switches large quantities of packet traffic. The new backbone technology will provide latency improvements, revolutionize the operational economics of Gigabit services and create greater cost efficiencies across the network.

“Today’s cloud-centric, content driven world requires service providers like Global Capacity to transform their network into a connectivity platform that provides efficient and speedy delivery of high-speed Ethernet services to businesses,” said Jason Phipps, vice president and general manager of North America at Ciena.

“With Ciena’s 8700 as its core network packet switch, Global Capacity will consistently provide services that meet customer needs, while also simplifying service activation and management.”

Global Capacity Tony Thakur CTO said: “This expansion delivers increased capacity and cost-efficiency, as well as improved latency through the latest technology. We are constantly investing in our network in ways that will simplify connectivity to high-demand data centers and enterprise locations, and exceed the bandwidth needs of today’s data-driven society.”

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