Service provision and partnerships will drive mass cloud adoption

Service provision and partnerships will drive mass cloud adoption

Partnerships are still at the heart of business success a cloud panel was told today at Capacity Europe.

According to one of the panellists at today’s Capacity Europe Cloud discussion over 60% of present US corporates are actively discussing moving to cloud technology. Anthony Rossabi, managing director colocation and connectivity, Digital Realty, said: “A recent Western Digital survey said that over 60% of businesses are going to be in the cloud very soon.”

The panellists agreed that cloud was pushing fundamental reforms in how organisations organise their businesses with cloud now being a natural starting point as opposed to what it has been until recently – a poor relation. The key issue was control, and with all major cloud providers now able to solve the data location problems of the past, the last major doubts now hinged on security of data.

Michael Wheeler, executive vice president NTT Communications said: “All major providers are able to provide almost 100% uptime but we have to be realistic – I live in Seattle and we still have power cuts sometimes."

Layne Levine, chief revenue officer, GTT said: “There are still going to be old stalwarts who hold out on cloud enablement but now the question is – how do you securely connect to the data centre and that depends on how secure your partners make the entire network – it is all about partnerships - they become even more important in the cloud era.”

Taig Khris, CEO and founder of Onoffapp said : “It is an anachronism that we hold SIM card data on the phone – soon all that data will be in the cloud and operator response times to customer needs will be slashed – that is the game changer.”


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