Retelit completes expansion of fibre network connecting to AAE-1

Retelit completes expansion of fibre network connecting to AAE-1

Retelit has completed an expansion of its fibre network connecting South European data centres to the Far East through the AAE-1 (Asia Africa Europe-1) Bari cable landing station.

The Italian carrier completed a new dark fibre extension delivering low latency services from the Bari station to data centres in Milan.

The new system is able to carry up to 10Tbps at the initial design, while the backbone has also been fitted with a new generation optical 100G platform.

At Bari, it connects with the 25,000km AAE-1 subsea cable, which runs from South East Asia to Europe across Egypt, connecting Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France.

Last month, AAE-1 entered its final stage ahead of a 2017 launch, with 15 shore-end landings already installed.

Retelit International BU head Giuseppe Sini said: “After being one of the first mover investing in the Carrier Ethernet MEF platform, which enabled Retelit to be the Italian market leader and the International Carriers preferred provider for fibre based Ethernet services, we achieved another important milestone in our International market expansion strategy.

“Connecting all Milan area data centres with proprietary fibre infrastructure and enabling multiple 100 Gbps services among them and the Bari AAE-1 landing station, Retelit is able to support growing Internet and Cloud traffic demand between Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia flowing through Italy.

“Today we can deliver a unique value proposition to the International market: a reliable and resilient infrastructure managed by a recognized flexible and trusted provider delivering premium services at competitive prices.”

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