Monet submarine cable arrives in Florida US

Monet submarine cable arrives in Florida US

TE SubCom has completed the US arrival of its 10,556km Monet submarine connecting the city of Boca Raton, Florida, to key cities in Brazil.

The cable system is 100G-and has a minimum bandwidth of 60 Tbps. It is jointly owned by Brazilian internet service provider (ISP) Algar Telecom, Angola Cables (an Angolan telecom wholesaler), ANTEL (the Uruguayan telecom company) and Google.

The FLorida, Boca Raton landing is the third of three shore landings successfully carried out so far this year, the other two being in Fortaleza and Praia Grande, in Brazil.

Javier Emicuri, ANTEL’s CEO and Chairman, said: “We see an increase in local and regional deployment of LTE and FTTH (fibre-optic) networks, along with state of the art data centres that will deliver high-quality content and cloud-based services. The demand for these services makes increased bandwidth vital for the entire region and we are confident that Monet will have a positive impact for decades to come.”

Chris Carobene, vice president marine services, TE SubCom said: “One of those considerations is the shore landing technique and its potential environmental footprint on the landing site. In the case of Monet, we used a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technique that is designed to avoid sensitive beach crossings and eliminate open trenching. We are grateful to the Monet project leads for trusting in TE SubCom’s expertise as we move ahead with these critical implementation processes.”

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