Hibernia Networks to provide 121.9ms ultra-low latency on Chicago-Tokyo route

Hibernia Networks to provide 121.9ms ultra-low latency on Chicago-Tokyo route

Hibernia Networks’ ultra-low latency (ULL) service has been selected by financial markets technology and service provider, IPC, from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) to JPS in Tokyo.

The service on this route features network latency performance of 121.90 milliseconds from Chicago to Tokyo, providing IPC customers with secure, high-speed connections to major global financial exchanges and hubs which they execute split-second financial trades with.

“IPC’s customers rely on our technology and services to trade faster and become more agile in order to gain an edge over their competitors,” states Jeffrey Britell, VP of global carrier and exchange relations at IPC.

“The unmatched latency and flexibility of Hibernia Networks’ ultra-low latency service empowers IPC with the network performance needed to meet the dynamic requirements of our customers and the fast-moving global financial market ecosystem.”

The ULL service also provides IPC’s customers with requisite network infrastructure enabling real-time access to critical market information on this growing route of financial trading activity.

It complements Hibernia Networks’ recent service expansion into other growing centres of financial trading activity including Dubai, Moscow and Mumbai.

Joe Hilt, vice president of sales at Hibernia Networks, added: “Our global network enables seamless growth to new financial centres via diverse routes with the scalability to meet the ever-changing capacity requirements of financial exchanges, global banks and trading houses.”

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