AT&T announces SD-WAN with VeloCloud as IBM dips into FlexWare

AT&T announces SD-WAN with VeloCloud as IBM dips into FlexWare

AT&T has revealed its software-defined WAN portfolio for business customers.

The AT&T SD-WAN service will let businesses route data across their networks based on the performance needs of the applications. The solution, provided by SD-WAN vendor VeloCloud, will let companies manage bandwidth.

The SD-WAN space has been dominated by networking hardware specialists such as Cisco Systems. However, carriers are entering the market to add more value to their connectivity offerings.

AT&T has had its sights firmly set on software-centric networking this year. The carrier on Monday announced that it rebranded and expanded its Network Functions on Demand managed service, now called AT&T FlexWare.

FlexWare lets businesses adjust their multiple virtualised network functions from a single premises-based appliance, saving power, space, and capital costs.

In the temporary universe of hybrid cloud  IT-as-a-service deployments have quickly become a business imperative since most networks do not offer the agility and support needed to respond to the instant demands of today’s businesses to respond quickly when new products and services are desperately needed.

AT&T's SD-WAN comes in two types, a premises-based solution and a network based SD-WAN solution which will be available in 2017. The premises-based solution will be available later this year. AT&T SD-WANwill be immediately available.

AT&T and IBM are working together to help businesses meet these needs. IBM will now take advantage of AT&T’s new FlexWare; a solution that makes it easy to set up and manage virtual network functions (VNFs) on a single device. AT&T FlexWare, is available globally and features both software-defined networking and network function virtualization technologies.

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