C&W Networks deploys PoP at Jax NAP

C&W Networks deploys PoP at Jax NAP

C&W Networks has expanded its reach by integrating into the recently activated point of presence (PoP) node at the 700 sq ft Jacksonville, Florida Network Access Point (Jax NAP).

The wholesale telecoms service provider has deployed a fully operational facility at the Jax NAP, which has over 21 different carriers and eight unique data centres, to provide expansive connectivity from its submarine networks including the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), Americas Region Caribbean Ring System (ARCOS-1), and Colombia-Florida Express (CFX-1). 

"The interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers creates a diverse but neutral environment that allows seamless connectivity to fulfil our customer's objectives," said Paul Scott, president of C&W Networks.

"We are very excited about this project -- the level of investment not only ensures we are ready to meet our customers' growing demands, but it also allows us to provide true 'on-net' services from any point within the C&W Networks global reach."

The expansion of C&W Networks' capacity is part of its overall strategy to deliver advanced connectivity through a wide range of interconnect options to terrestrial networks and other international carriers located in the Jax NAP facility. 

The news comes after C&W Networks deployed a PoP in Cologix’s data centre in Jacksonville in July. Now, the unlimited carrier access which Jax NAP provides its customers will further enhance C&W Networks’ position among the top tier players across the fast-growing region of the Caribbean, Central and South American markets.

Luke Leonaitis, senior partner of the Jax NAP, added: "Working with the team at C&W Networks has been a pleasure. To have an international player of their breadth, with coverage of more than 40 countries, brings a great deal of value to the NAP and to Jacksonville's emergence as a go-to place for customers in the Caribbean, Central and South America with interconnect and bandwidth needs. We look forward to advancing our relationship with C&W Networks and by extension, their affiliated companies in the broader Liberty Global group in providing world-class interconnect facility here at the Jax NAP."

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