Level 3 launches adaptive threat intelligence service

Level 3 launches adaptive threat intelligence service

Level 3 has launched a new cloud-based security solution offering customised threat intelligence, which will be made available across all regions.

The solution, called Adaptive Threat Intelligence, leverages Level 3’s global internet visibility and a team of top security experts to offer customers the assistance of a managed service. This, it claims, will give customers the benefit of research and findings of the Level 3 Threat Research Labs team, as well as the mitigation of the company’s security operation centre (SOC) professionals.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation put claims ransomware, in which a hacker takes control of a user’s device demanding payment in exchange for access, is set to become a $1 billion a year crime. This, according to Level 3, means enterprises need a security provider to offer the tools and expertise to fight these threats.

It calls Adaptive Threat Intelligence a “one stop shop” for customers, offering a personalised and ranked list of actual malicious communications without the need for hardware.

Level 3 chief marketing officer Anthony Christie said: “"Investigating threats using intelligence or reputation feeds is painful for customers. They need a smart filter for their security alerts to help them understand their priorities and to allocate resources. We correlate and prioritize live communications and rank the potential risks for customers, taking the burden off their IT and security teams so they can focus on their core business initiatives.”

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