Telia Carrier signs IP transit deal with US Internet

Telia Carrier signs IP transit deal with US Internet

Internet and data services provider US Internet has selected Telia Carrier’s IP transit services to increase capacity and provide redundancy to the company’s network in Minneapolis.

Telia Carrier added that its services will also enable US Internet to decrease reliance on carrier hotels with the autonomy of a completely independent and robust connection, providing added security.

Travis Carter, vice president technology at US Internet, said: “Telia Carrier is carrying more than 50% of our capacity, which allows us to provide customers with faster and more secure internet services at the lowest cost possible.”

The Minneapolis-St Paul area is the second largest economic centre in the Midwest and provides a major traffic hub for regional carriers, broadband providers and data centre providers due to its power costs, tax incentives and colder climate, said US Internet.

“US Internet is an important ISP customer and working with them adds greater value to the network, both regionally and internationally,” said Kirk Tracy, global accounts director at Telia Carrier in the US.

“This announcement, along with other recently established [points of presence] in the Minneapolis region, demonstrates Telia Carrier’s continued expansion in North America and ongoing efforts to meet the demand for 100G services at the edge.”

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