CenturyLink activates two 100G waves on AEConnect subsea cable

CenturyLink activates two 100G waves on AEConnect subsea cable

Aqua Comms has announced that CenturyLink has activated two 100G waves of high capacity connectivity on its transatlantic AEConnect subsea cable system.

CenturyLink has tapped into the high-capacity connection to support its international operations and the provisioning of secure and reliable capacity on the next-generation subsea fibre optic network will support CenturyLink's US to Europe broadband traffic.

"The circuits Aqua Comms has provided to CenturyLink from New York City to London are lit point of presence (PoP) to PoP with no intermediate or cable landing station regeneration," said Tom McMahon, chief technology officer of Aqua Comms.

"Traversing over 6,800km, the high capacity transatlantic route includes diverse terrestrial segments on both ends, enabling CenturyLink to provision end-to-end high capacity connectivity without regeneration, utilising advanced modulation techniques."

Aqua Comms' subsea fibre optic network is designed to meet the needs of carriers, global service providers, cloud-based networks, financial services companies, and Over-the-Top (OTT) content providers, as well as the global media.


Pieter Poll, senior vice president of network planning at CenturyLink, added: “This is a major milestone for CenturyLink's international network. We now can control the provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting of end-to-end connectivity between our US network and any CenturyLink point of presence on our European network.”

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