Verizon completes 5G specification

Verizon completes 5G specification

Verizon has claimed to be the first US carrier to complete its 5G radio specification.

The specification was drawn up by its 5G Technical Forum, a working group that also includes Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, LG, Nokia, Qualcomm and Samsung. 

The development of such a specification provides guidelines to test and validate 5G technical components. It is also said to enable industry partners such as chipset vendors, network vendors and mobile operators to develop interoperable solutions and contribute to pre-standard testing and fabrication.  

“The completion of the 5G radio specification is a key milestone toward the development of a complete 5G specification,” said Adam Koeppe, vice president of network technology planning, who is leading the 5G trial efforts. 

“The level of collaboration that we are seeing exceeds what we saw during 4G. This agile way of developing the specification and working with the ecosystem will enable us to get to market rapidly.”

Verizon’s pre-commercial 5G tests are presently underway at locations in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Texas. It has pledged that it will be the first major US carrier to deploy the technology. 

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