Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) ranks boosted

Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) ranks boosted

The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) has added spectrum management firm, LS telcom, to its membership.

The CCA’s membership presently consists of nearly 100 wireless operators and more than 150 industry suppliers. LS telcom works with operators, broadcasters, and regulators to help to optimise the use of spectrum resources.

“Spectrum management is an important part of every carrier’s business plan, especially in light of the upcoming incentive auction, and thoughtful solutions and services from companies like LS telcom can help carriers plan for the future,” said Steven Berry, president and CEO of CCA.

The upcoming US 600MHz incentive auction will result in television broadcasters and wireless operators facing vast transitions.

“We are very excited to join Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and look forward to working with the members through the expansion of their 4G LTE networks and help position for the transition to 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT),” said Casey Joseph, vice president of sales and business development.

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