Perseus to deploy 75,000-mile global SDN network

Perseus to deploy 75,000-mile global SDN network

Perseus Telecom is set to challenge carriers with the deployment of SDN across its 75,000-mile global network, spanning Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Perseus is seeking to supply low latency point-to-point and multipoint Ethernet services as well as global market data distribution in all of the world’s key emerging markets.

"As a global managed service provider, our customers expect us to push the boundaries of technology innovation to continually improve the resiliency and agility that they depend on," said Andrew Kusminsky, chief operating officer and chief strategy officer at Perseus.

"We've just built the world's largest SDN-based on-demand services network that will allow us to quickly offer new products and services while enabling new partnerships at a rapid pace."

Perseus chose Plexxi to deploy a next-generation network system to expand its service operations into 11 new major Asian markets and offer new services between 29 sites across the globe.

Commenting on the partnership, Rich Napolitano, CEO of Plexxi, said: "We are excited to partner with Perseus to deploy what we believe to be the world's biggest (non-captive) SDN network of over 75,000 miles.”

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