Megaport and AMS-IX partner for interconnection and IX peering

Megaport and AMS-IX partner for interconnection and IX peering

The US arm of infrastructure provider Megaport has signed an alliance agreement to become the exclusive global elastic cloud interconnection partner for AMS-IX.

In turn, AMS-IX will provide its internet exchange service in key Megaport-enabled markets worldwide.

AMS-IX customers are expected to be able to take advantage of Megaport’s connectivity solutions to network and cloud service providers, and the partnership will provide a range of interconnection use cases including multi-cloud connectivity, exchange of IP traffic and API-based ordering.

“AMS-IX has a long history of building critical mass of peering partners on their internet exchanges,” said Denver Maddux, Megaport CEO.

“They operate one of the largest internet exchanges in the world. Connecting the AMS-IX and Megaport fabrics creates greater opportunity for internet peers to reach desired content, cloud services and end-user networks.”

The two companies will begin offering their services to each other’s customers in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area in the US, as well as Hong Kong.

“Building on Megaport’s drive to deliver elastic connectivity globally, AMS-IX is excited to partner and expand our independent and distributed peering model as well as boosting the AMS-IX brand globally,” said Job Witteman, AMS-IX CEO.


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