PCCW Global demonstrates SDN-based automated flexible bandwidth

PCCW Global demonstrates SDN-based automated flexible bandwidth

PCCW Global has demonstrated automated flexible bandwidth and compute services that will be rolled out commercially across its network in 2016.

During the trial at GEN15 in Dallas, US, the company used software defined networking (SDN) and service orchestration to conduct a real-time demonstration of online self-service tools. These tools are designed to provide PCCW customers with shorter lead time for service delivery, as well as increased agility in modifications to existing bandwidth, class-of-service and compute-resource services.

“Removing unnecessary complexity and offering simple self-service ordering and provisioning of global bandwidth and compute services will allow our enterprise customers and carrier partners to provision secure, reliable, QoS-based services in minutes rather than weeks,” said Bret Rehart, chief network and information officer at PCCW Global.

The service on-demand requirements will also include methods of measuring and charging for the different service types.

In 2016, PCCW expects the extension of service orchestration across multiple providers via APIs to enable it to open up on-net service automation to their network partners as well as third party public and private cloud providers. 


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