Megaport becomes Microsoft ExpressRoute partner

Megaport becomes Microsoft ExpressRoute partner

Australia’s Megaport has become a Microsoft ExpressRoute partner, enabling customers in any Megaport-enabled data centre to establish connections to Microsoft Azure.

Together, Megaport and ExpressRoute can allegedly provide a cost-effective solution for data migration, business continuity disaster recovery, high performance compute applications and workloads portability.

“Microsoft is a leader in the cloud and enterprise space with Azure leading the charge and growing their platform globally,” said Denver Maddux, Megaport CEO.

“ExpressRoute is an important feature to create a more seamless working environment from enterprise and private IT space into the hybrid cloud environment that we see emerging so strongly.”

Megaport customers using Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute can instantly provision services up to 10G with no need for deprovision, meaning it is an ideal fit for transferring large quantities of data.

“We are honoured and excited to have been given the chance to integrate and work with Microsoft Azure, and our customers will be glad to see that choice to connect to their services available through the Megaport fabric and application suite,” add Maddux, former senior director of global network services at Microsoft.

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