Megaport reveals US expansion

Megaport reveals US expansion

Megaport has today revealed an AUD$10 million investment budget to expand its services into the US.

The Australian network service provider has provided extensive detail on its plans for North America, which includes the launch of its US headquarters in San Francisco and a total AUD$10 million spend over the next year.

The company is also set to expand into the markets of Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Bay Area, Ashburn, Chicago and Dallas.

“Enterprise customers are demanding a better model for accessing cloud computing through network services and are looking for solutions that adapt and evolve with their business,” said Brynn Maddux, EVP of Americas and Europe for Megaport.

“The Megaport platform gives customers greater flexibility through better commercial terms and instant provisioning capabilities into the cloud, along with access to new data centres and services globally as we continue our expansion.”

Seattle will be the first site to market in September 2015, with the remaining markets due to complete by the end of the year.

Megaport has noted a growing demand for scalable cloud connectivity services and expects to recover its operating expenses within the first 12 months.

Megaport became an authorised technology partner for the Google Cloud Platform in January this year, and launched its services in Hong Kong later in February.

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