ITU launches IoT standardisation study group

ITU launches IoT standardisation study group

The ITU has established a working group aimed at standardising the requirements of IoT technologies.

The study group will initially focus on IoT applications in smart cities, developing standards that leverage IoT technologies to address urban development challenges.

A key focus of the study is said to be on the standardisation of end-to-end IoT architectures and mechanisms for the interoperability of IoT applications and data sets used by different industry verticals.

“Building smart sustainable cities will require efficient collaboration between the public and private sectors,” said ITU secretary general Houlin Zhao. “This new ITU-T Study Group will bring together a diverse selection of stakeholders, placing ITU’s technical expertise at the service of other industry sectors as well as the national and metropolitan administrations responsible for urban development.”

In May, Dubai became the first city to assess the efficiency and sustainability of its operations using the key performance indicators developed by the ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities (FG-SSC).