Apple eyes high-speed data network

Apple eyes high-speed data network

Apple is working on the construction of a high-speed data network in a bid to better compete with rivals Amazon, Google and Microsoft, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the plans.

Historically, Apple has relied on other network providers to support its consumer content services, and while it will stick with most of its existing vendors, the company is now looking to boost its own infrastructure.

“User experience is very important to Apple, but delivery of its content is the one part of that experience it doesn’t control,” Andrew Schmitt, an analyst at IHS Infonetics Research, told reporters.

“If they want to control and maximise that user experience, they’re going to have to control that last piece.”

The company is allegedly planning to connect its data centres in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon – amongst others – to get content closer to internet hubs in densely populated areas.  

The company is also said to be upgrading how it builds its data centres and in February this year, Apple revealed plans to spend €1.7 billion on the construction of two energy-efficient data centres in Europe.  

Apple has not disclosed total costs but investments are expected to hit the billions.

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